Lazy Summer Days


I live for summer. Me and the heat? Best buds! Oh summer how I have missed you! I am taking off quite a bit of time this summer, relaxing, hanging out, eating well, sitting outside soaking up some much needed vitamin D. We have been through a year of hell around here and I just want some lazy long days of nothingness and everythingness rolled into one. My promise to myself is that I will only blog from my iPad. Which is much, much harder for me than the laptop. This will force me to keep it short and sweet. I can't figure out how to caption out my photos from here. But that poor little hanging strawberry is just so sad looking. I have been kicking off the summer planting, much later this year than in the past and I am keeping all the veggies in containers. The spring just was not as good to me with time as I would have liked. Here is a sneak peek at what is going on over at my house. Hope your summer is kicking off as beautifully as mine. ...

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