Are Your Butt Cheeks Clenched?

Do you walk around with your butt cheeks clenched all day? According to Amy, the owner of Orange Skye Day Spa in Denver, 90% of us do. Who knew?

Last week I lifted my son one too many times during a transfer from his chair to the car. And I felt it. Literally. Felt it pop-or tear-not really sure which but believe me when I tell you I felt it.

I went to the doctor and got the prescription for the muscle relaxers. And pain pills. And therapy orders. And after 4 days I felt well enough to hobble into my Spa Week appointment at Orange Skye. I was signed up for the The Destress, Sweat & Shimmer Package *which, by the way, she if offering for $50 the whole month of April*. I was all about trying something new that week.

Orange Skye is located just a little west of the DU area in Denver. It is a cute house converted into a Day Spa. Parking is a little tricky with all the construction and it took me a bit to find the backyard-turned parking lot. Give yourself a few extra minutes when heading here to find it. It is no fun being stressed about being late for your destressing.

Walking in the back door was a lot like walking into a good friends house and I felt that way about Amy, the owner, the minute I met her. No matter how many spas I visit, spa etiquette always freaks me out a bit. Mostly because it is SO vastly different from place to place. I appreciated Amy being frank about what to take off, where to put it, and when I would need it again.

Back to the butt clenching. I told Amy about my back and after a few minutes of feeling the tension in my lower back she announced that I really didn’t need a back massage. Say, what girl? Amy actually asked if she could massage my glutes–yeah, nice way of saying butt. This was the point I had to decide if my back hurt bad enough to let a stranger massage my butt. It did.

Amy proceed to knead, twist and turn my glutes and I felt muscles I honestly didn’t know I had. She did the massage over a sheet with underwear on, because as you know, that is how I roll. It was very out of my comfort zone yet oddly relaxing. And it turned out to be exactly what I needed. The tension in my lower back released almost immediately. And it stayed feeling good for days.

During all of this, Amy explained that 90% of us walk around at some point in the day clenching our butt muscles unconsciously. I think she may be right. Now that I am aware of it, I notice myself doing it way more than I ever would have thought. Try it today and see for yourself.

I still am bad about lifting when I shouldn’t and my back is back to hurting. Though not nearly as bad as before. Amy gave me this great technique so that I can simulate my own butt massage at home. I have it below so that you can have a happy butt too.


And speaking of that, this very strange CD showed up in the mail for me last week. It has to go down as one of the top 10 strange things that I have been sent to review. As per usual operating procedure, I did not open it first. All packages get opened in this house by my younger son. Holy Moly you can imagine my face when he pulled this out of the envelope:

Happy Butt CD

Turns out it is a CD of songs to do butt exercises to. Yeah, those are plastic above. I checked. Freaking, fabulously hilarious. My teens and I are still giggling over it.

So apparently the universe is sending me signs that I need to take better care of those glutes. They do a lot of important work supporting me while I write these entertaining posts all day.

And just when you thought I couldn’t get any weirder-you have yet to hear about my first experiencing spray tanning. But, you’ll have to excuse me for now, I really need to go roll around on the floor and stretch my butt. What?? Amy told me to!

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