Are Your Butt Cheeks Clenched?

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Do you walk around with your butt cheeks clenched all day? According to Amy, the owner of Orange Skye Day Spa in Denver, 90% of us do. Who knew?Last week I lifted my son one too many times during a transfer from his chair to the car. And I felt it. Literally. Felt it pop-or tear-not really sure which but believe me when I tell you I felt it.I went to the doctor and got the prescription for the muscle relaxers. And pain pills. And therapy orders. And after 4 days I felt well enough to hobble into my Spa Week appointment at Orange Skye. I was signed up for the The Destress, Sweat & Shimmer Package *which, by the way, she if offering for $50 the whole month of April*. I was all about trying something new that week.Orange Skye is located just a little west of the DU area in Denver. It is a cute house converted into a Day Spa. Parking is a little tricky with all the construction and it took me a bit to find the backyard-turned parking lot. Give yourself a few extra minutes when heading here to find it. It is no fun being stressed about being late for your destressing.Walking in the back door was a lot like walking into a good friends house and I felt that way about ...

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