What’s Your Vacation Horror Story?

Have you ever had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad vacation? You know, the ones where the kids whine the whole time, someone ends up in an urgent care, your stranded in the airport and you have no chargers for any of your devices? It’s the stuff moms nightmares are made of. While I can’t say we have had really, truly awful vacations as a family we have certainly had those that I would love to do over.

The vacation that most often comes to mind when I think of BAD vacations is the time when I really overscheduled my young kids for 2 weeks in Florida. We went from Boca Raton to Orlando over those 14 days. With their meltdowns coming at just the time I was most looking forward to: NASA.

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I had wanted to visit NASA since I was a little girl. I was SO excited to go. The kids, unfortunately, wanted only to get to Disney World. As I walked around in awe at the machines that helped make one giant leap for mankind, my 5 & 7 year old whined, cried, and made me miserable. At one point I just started crying and gave up and wished that one of those rockets would fire up and take me anywhere but Earth with those kids.

As a family that trip to NASA is one of the most regrettable. Now that the boys are older, they actually wished they had enjoyed it. Looking back, it was over planning and too many expectations built up in my head. We would love the chance to do it over!

I have really enjoyed putting together a twitter party for Capital One through and reading that I am not the only one who has a vacation they would like to #DOUBLETAKE. Come join in the fun & share your horror stories too. You could win a family vacation, including four plane tickets and five nights in a hotel, worth up to $5,000 or an iPad 2 Monday night on twitter. For all the details on how to win and join the fun please click over to

Dec. 5 Twitter party: Not So Great Family Vacations

*I am being compensated for my role in this party by Traveling Mom with Capital One.



Saving Money on Travel

Most of you all know that I used to be a pretty avid couponer. I am the founder of AFullCup and The Coupon Cupboard. But in the years since selling those sites I have really gotten away from couponing. Today, if I use a coupon at Costco I am proud of myself.

But in the last few months I have gotten a little hooked on Groupon, Living Social and Daily Deals for Moms.It started with an innocent email from a friend that there was a ‘groupon’ out for my all time favorite garden store, Tagawa. If you live in the Denver area you no doubt know what I am talking about. Tagawa is a gardener’s paradise. Not so much a paradise on my wallet. Every year they have a big Mother’s Day sale that is sort of famous with folks out here. That weekend only the hanging baskets are Buy 1, Get 1 free. When I got the email from my friend, I thought “OK, now I have to finally figure this thing out”. My old couponing habits surfaced and I started thinking, if I got the groupon which was a gift certificate worth $50 for $25 and I did the Mothers Day sale I might make out OK on this deal. So I purchased my first one.

It was super easy to use and I had no problems with it, so when other businesses started coming out with these daily deals I bought into a few more. I just bought a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory one two days ago. YAY me.

So, it sounds great right? To me the problem is that there are too many sites doing it and doing it well. I have to now get email from each of them or check the sites daily. Pain in my butt. And I don’t like pain in my butt.

Enter my old friends from! When Kim from, asked me to help with this weeks sponsored #TMOM twitter party, she had no idea that I used to be a Deal Pro for Match made in heaven on the planning part. But when I found out that they are now offering a service that aggregates all the data from daily deal type sites I was sold! How awesome. I can now just pop over there and put in my zip code and it kicks back all those deals on one page. Easy peasy!


So this Monday I will be hooking up with the folks at (really, they are super nice people) and talking Travel and Savings on Twitter. Here are all the details on how to join in on the fun and win some cool stuff.

Party Details:

WHEN: June 20, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)
WHO: @kimorlando @CindyRichards @TravelingMoms
WHAT: Twitter party – Travel Deals
HOW TO JOIN: Follow the hashtags #TMOM #SAVINGSDAY


RSVP to be eligible to win $250 American Express gift card, two swag gifts, and a $25 gas card.

Wondering what the heck is a Twitter party and how TMOM Monday works?

See ya Monday on Twitter!


*I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign. Opinions are honest and my own.

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