5 Little Known Disney Cruise Tips For An Amazing Vacation

5 little known disney cruise tips

Getting ready for a Disney Cruise? Planning one of these is no joke. It's a major investment! Follow these 5 little known Disney Cruise tips to make the most of your vacation. These are the things you won't find on the Disney blogs and that many families may never discover....get ready for some inside info!Disney Cruise Tip 1: Join a Fish Extender Group Fish Extenders are a fun, free way (except what you decide to gift) to ensure that your family gets a little bit of Disney Magic throughout the whole trip. You exchange gifts "Secret Santa Style" with other families on board and throughout the trip you get a little extra pixie dust when returning to your room. Kids and adults love it and its a fun way to get excited planning your trip. I have the how to's on how to join and play along with a Fish Extender Exchange here  Disney Cruise Tip 2: Decorate Your Disney Cruise Door Believe it or not most doors on your cruise will be decorated. Veteran Disney cruiser go all out on door decorations and your kiddos will be sad to have the only blank door on the hall. Ok, it isn't that bad but they will love coming "home" to their special door each night. Many people use ...

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Ultimate Disney Cruise Fish Extender Information

Here are some amazing fish extender ideas.

We are just back from a 7 day cruise on the Disney Fantasy where we participated in a Disney Cruise Fish Extender Exchange for the very first time. A Fish Extender Exchange gets its name from the fish themed hooks that are installed outside of each cabin on a Disney ship. People hang pockets from these hooks to exchange gifts very much like Secret Santa with one another. I am assuming if you are reading this post you have booked a cruise and just heard the term Fish Extender and want to know what it is, how to play along and if it is worth it. So, let's get to breaking down all this Disney Cruise Fish Extender information for you. How Do You Join a Fish Extender Exchange? The easiest way is to go to Facebook and join the group Disney Cruise Line Junkies. From there you should be able to find your cruise specific group. Mine was called Disney Fantasy August 13-20 2016 so you can search for yours which is likely in a similar format. Some people also search Disboards for this information. I liked Facebook. There can and will be many Fish Extender groups for every cruise. You ask to join a Fish Extender group  and when accepted you fill out some information about your family that ...

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How Busy Moms Use TILE

verizon tile

A few weeks ago Verizon sent me two bluetooth tracking accessories called TILE to test out around the house. When I heard that I could attach one to my keys and never lose them again I was hooked. Until that point I literally would spend at least 20 minutes a day looking for them. Which made me start to wonder: how could busy moms use TILE to help reclaim their day and some of their sanity? I got the TILE out and attached it easily to my keychain and then installed the TILE app on phone. In a few clicks the app recognized my TILE and I was good to go. But I realized something cool. Not only could my phone find my keys, my keys could find my phone. TOO COOL. What to do with the other one? Easy. I gave it to my husband who set his up the same way and then we "shared" TILES. Now I could find his keys and vice versa. This was getting fun. So I headed to Verizon and bought a 4 pack for $69.99. I Tiled ALL THE THINGS. My purse, kids keys and so on, my car.What? Your car? I can hear you thinking. Yup. Because if I ever am at the mall and can't find my car (don't laugh, I have a *friend* who does this all the time).  I can open the app on my phone and follow the map to my car. Now ...

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5 Things You Must Pack For A Cruise

5 things you must pack for your cruise

By now you have packed, repacked and checked the big guys lists over and over again....sunscreen? Check! Immodium? Check! Adorable flip flops you spent all winter hoping for? Check! So why does it feel like something is missing? Because you forgot this list of 5 things you must pack for a cruise! Read on to see why you NEED each of these before setting sail...All Natural Bug Repellent-no matter where you are going you are sure to encounter some creepy crawlies in the ports. My bug off recipe will keep you bite free without any nasty chemicals. UE BOOM Speaker. Put this out on your balcony when you are relaxing to have 360 degree music or use it in your room while getting dressed and pumped up for the nights dance party. It has a 15 hour battery so chances are you won't need to charge it while on board and take up one of those valuable plugs. Just remember to keep the music at an acceptable level....this things packs a powerful punch so watch the noise for your fellow cruisers. Beach towel clips (affiliate link)-these clips are AWESOME for holding down your bathing suit while it dries on the chair on the balcony. I know some lines really frown on you putting things out ...

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Celebrity Solstice Alaskan Cruise Review | Inside Passage

Are you looking to book your next cruise? This Alaskan cruise review may be just the inspiration you need!

6 of us took off  this May on the Celebrity Solstice for an Inside Passage Alaskan Cruise and what an adventure we had. It was a bucket list trip for a few of us and with good reason. Alaska is beyond words awe-inspiring. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to marvel at. The massive mountains covered in trees thicker than anything I have seen in the Rockies, whales, bears, bald eagles, float planes taking off and landing, glaciers melting before your eyes, ice that sparkles like aquamarines but are the size of small boats, beautiful Totem poles.....Alaska is beyond my vocabulary so instead I will share simply our experience and photos in this Alaskan cruise review and maybe a few hints to help you get there as well! Here are some photos from our trip:What To Do In Alaskan Ports: There is SO much to do. If there is one thing that I regret not doing though it is Misty Fjords Floatplane in Ketchikan. Apparently the views are spectacular.Ketchikan-Hike Deer Trail. It is about a mile walk to the entrance of the trail and its a good workout. Or visit the Ketchikan museums....we liked Totem Heritage Center (people there were SO nice. Cash only) and Southeast ...

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