5 Things You Must Pack For A Cruise

5 things you must pack for your cruise

By now you have packed, repacked and checked the big guys lists over and over again....sunscreen? Check! Immodium? Check! Adorable flip flops you spent all winter hoping for? Check! So why does it feel like something is missing? Because you forgot this list of 5 things you must pack for a cruise! Read on to see why you NEED each of these before setting sail...All Natural Bug Repellent-no matter where you are going you are sure to encounter some creepy crawlies in the ports. My bug off recipe will keep you bite free without any nasty chemicals. UE BOOM Speaker. Put this out on your balcony when you are relaxing to have 360 degree music or use it in your room while getting dressed and pumped up for the nights dance party. It has a 15 hour battery so chances are you won't need to charge it while on board and take up one of those valuable plugs. Just remember to keep the music at an acceptable level....this things packs a powerful punch so watch the noise for your fellow cruisers. Beach towel clips (affiliate link)-these clips are AWESOME for holding down your bathing suit while it dries on the chair on the balcony. I know some lines really frown on you putting things out ...

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Celebrity Solstice Alaskan Cruise Review | Inside Passage

Are you looking to book your next cruise? This Alaskan cruise review may be just the inspiration you need!

6 of us took off  this May on the Celebrity Solstice for an Inside Passage Alaskan Cruise and what an adventure we had. It was a bucket list trip for a few of us and with good reason. Alaska is beyond words awe-inspiring. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to marvel at. The massive mountains covered in trees thicker than anything I have seen in the Rockies, whales, bears, bald eagles, float planes taking off and landing, glaciers melting before your eyes, ice that sparkles like aquamarines but are the size of small boats, beautiful Totem poles.....Alaska is beyond my vocabulary so instead I will share simply our experience and photos in this Alaskan cruise review and maybe a few hints to help you get there as well! Here are some photos from our trip:What To Do In Alaskan Ports: There is SO much to do. If there is one thing that I regret not doing though it is Misty Fjords Floatplane in Ketchikan. Apparently the views are spectacular.Ketchikan-Hike Deer Trail. It is about a mile walk to the entrance of the trail and its a good workout. Or visit the Ketchikan museums....we liked Totem Heritage Center (people there were SO nice. Cash only) and Southeast ...

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Celebrity Solstice Wheelchair Accessibility: Alaskan Cruise

alaksa cruise

This past month my family of 6 took off for the Alaskan wilderness....OK, maybe a cruise ship buffet doesn't necessarily qualify as wilderness but let's face it, there are some similarities. My family has some mobility challenges as one of my teens is a full time wheelchair user and on this cruise, my mother in law used a rented scooter. As always, before any cruise I did a lot of research prior finding out about wheelchair access on Alaskan cruise ships and how we could make this the most successful trip for everyone possible. Here is what I learned in hopes it helps someone else have as fabulous a trip as we did. If you would like a more general information make sure and read Celebrity Solstice Alaskan Cruise Review. CELEBRITY SOLSTICE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY ON ALASKAN CRUISE:Landing in SeaTac is very easy. You can reserve a wheelchair accessible taxi that will fit 4 people (including chair user seated in chair) and 4-5 pieces of luggage through Yellow Cab or simply go to the taxi stand upon arrival and they will get you one. The ride to our hotel was roughly $50. Highly recommend the Hampton Inn in Seattle for an accessible solution for pre and post cruise stay. They ...

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Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain | A Desert Gem

ritz carlton dove mountain arizona

I was born in raised in Phoenix and in the 30 years I spent there had never come across a desert gem like the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain and that is saying something because Arizona has many beautiful resorts to choose from. Set just outside Marana, AZ (just slightly north of Tucson) this luxurious resort preserves the peace and beauty of the desert in the way you would expect from the Ritz-Carlton brand.Our drive from downtown Phoenix was an easy 1 1/2 hour drive down the I-10, including stop time in Casa Grande for a rare In-N-Out Burger treat these days (side note: Denver, really, you need to get with the In-N-Out program). You could fly into Sky Harbor in Phoenix or Tucson for a stay here. We flew into Phoenix and spent one night at the Hotel Palomar downtown before driving down the next morning.We arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain just in time to see the Native American Flautist serenading the sunset perched upon the mountain. This would happen each night of our stay. Anytime I hear a flute playing now I fondly remember that 30 minutes each night to slow down and reflect on the day. The fire pit or pool area gives you the perfect vantage point to both see the ...

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Top Roadtrip Apps for Moms

roadtrip apps for mom

This month we have spent every week on the road. Like, literally, have been on a major trip every week of August. My Samsung Note 3 and I have never been so close. We've spent a lot of long hours together watching the pavement pass.So how did my phone save me from certain death by boredom while on these fabulously scenic roads? Read on for some roadtrip apps for moms that will make your phone your next BFF. Top Roadtrip Apps for Moms Instagram. I mean what's more fun than sharing boring pictures of the road, right? Well, maybe sharing all those quirky little road stops would be. Probably Definitely more fun is seeing what all your friends are up. Instagram is the ADHD's  busy moms Facebook. Your kids are on Instagram taking a million pictures of themselves making duck faces. Go look. Nothing is more fun that looking at ten million selfies of your adorable kids. Make sure to like all their pictures. They really appreciate that. Especially the teens. Candy Crush. It's addicting. It's annoying. It's a puzzle game with a social twist that let's you endlessly beg your friends on Facebook for extra lives and new levels. The good news is that unless you are willing ...

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