PR Monday: Your Reputation

Last week I had a great lunch with some blogging friends and Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy. The topic of conversation eventually turned to moms and reviews and giveaways. We all agreed on this basic truth: Your reputation in blogging is all you really have. Being a somewhat anonymous venue it is hard sometimes to remember that everything you do and say contributes to that reputation whether positively or negatively. But at the end of the day and all the SEO and traffic tricks out there, if people don’t trust you the gig is up.So, how do you focus on being trust worthy?

  • Be consistent with your social media. Your personality on your blog should be YOU and YOU should be YOU across all venues. Don’t fall victim to multiple blogger personality syndrome.
  • If you take a PR opp, DO IT! Sadly it doesn’t always happen. Communicate with the PR Rep if you are having issues getting an opp done. They are depending on you but they also understand that we are moms first. Communicating is really all they ask.
  • Make sure any sponsored posts or ads fit into your value system and personality of your blog.
  • Take giveaways seriously. Get your winner their prizes asap.
  • Manage your offline personality. There shouldn’t be any separation in this day and age. Choices you make in real life will affect your online reputation.
  • Being real doesn’t mean being nasty (unless you really are). Also, if you get a product to review don’t write something fabulous if you don’t mean it. Talk about the pros and cons of products. No one will be believe you if everything you write about is the most fabulous thing on earth.
  • Write reviews about stuff you pay for too (I said too because there is nothing wrong with getting things for review).

Bottom line is that your readers (and PR reps) have a lot of options on where they can go. Be real, genuine, and trustworthy and you will be around a long time 🙂


  1. Lori says

    Great points! I couldn't get comfortable blogging until I focused on blogging about what I am passionate about. I couldn't agree more that you have to be YOU and you have to be real.


    Your reputation is impeccable head high,on to another adventure, a little more skepticism but wiser, but always out there. YOU ARE A WINNER.

  3. says

    I struggle with this sometimes, but much less since I dropped a certain ad group. I feel more open to accept and refuse product and book reviews now on my own terms. If I don't believe in it, I don't apply for the blog tour, regardless of the size of the gift card.

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