The New Disability Plan at Disney Parks

disney epcot family pose

People keep asking me what I think of the new changes to the guest assistance card at the Disney Parks. I first reported about it when the new disability access pass was just a rumor for Traveling Mom and watched as the uproar among the special needs community commenced. It's been ugly. People are upset about these new changes. I just don't happen to be one of them.I guess people consider me a leader in the spina bifida world or disability travel world and maybe that is why I keep getting asked why I am not up in arms over it. Mostly it is because I was one of the people who asked for change. Remember our trip last Spring when Disney World hosted us for a week? And all I saw was abuse after abuse of the wheelchair system? Yeah. That. That is why I am not upset.Look. Disney has to do something. I don't know that I think this new plan has it right. But I don't know that any plan will have it exactly right at this point. This is what they have told us the new plan will look like:Frequently Asked Questions About the Changes to Disney’s Guest Assistance Pass How will the new Disney program work?The Disability Access Service Card will offer Guests a return time for an ...

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Remembering Today


Growing up I would always hear people in my parents generation talk about where they were when President Kennedy was shot or my grandparents talk about when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Tragedy is an odd way to benchmark time and space. Yet, those of my generation are sure to remember this morning just where they stood when airplane one hit and then again as the horror of another and the realization fell upon us all that this was no accident.Me? Bob and I had just woken up and heard the news on the alarm clock radio about the first plane. We were saddened hearing about such a tragic accident but continued to get our adorable little blond haired Kindergartener ready for school while getting the cute little 3 year old out of his crib. By the time we got downstairs for breakfast in our tiny little starter home, we knew it was not an accident. I can't remember why but Bob continued to take Connor to St. Francis for school and headed to work at  a bank in downtown Phoenix. They were on the freeway 20 mins before I was frantically calling them to come home. Everything was closing. Everyone was being advised to stay home. Everything was wrong.Fast-forward to when Connor was a ...

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Getting Rid Of Kiara

Leonberger Puppy With Yogurt on Her Face

I tried. I really tried. But I just can't keep Kiara. It's me. Not her. Even if she does steal my yogurt cups. She swears she doesn't but I think we can all see what is happening here...But that really isn't why.It's just that Kiara does not suit her.Yes, I am renaming her.What did you think I was talking about?We tried calling her that for 4 weeks. I never liked the name but the kids really wanted it.I was at an event the other night for Goose Island Beer and we were painting this...And I made the comment "SOPHIE! I don't know why I didn't think of that for Kiara. It's perfect" But of course....too late. Which I don't think was the point at all of the PR event but hey, now they have a good story.I came home and oddly enough Bob was talking about Kiara and made the off the wall comment that he really didn't like her name. I casually said "You know? I thought the same thing today and actually found the perfect name." He agreed! I thought we must be crazy.We asked the boys who so wanted the name Kiara and BOTH of them said they liked Sophie for her much better. "It just fits her mom. Change it" they said.So we tested calling her by Kiara and ...

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If You Don’t Have a Disability in Your Everyday Life, You Don’t Get To Have One In Line at Disney

dog in line at disney

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Wheelchair users love Disney Parks. They are one of the few places where being 'special' pays off. Despite spending the majority of your time looking for accessible entrances, staring at people's butts in crowds, and trying to smile politely when people run into you because they didn't see you 'down there', there is a major perk to being a chair user.You get to skip most of the lines.That's right, when there is a 90 minute wait for Toy Story Mania, wheelchair users roll happily past to a private loading area where they usually get on in less than 10 minutes. Want to know an even bigger secret? If there are no other chair users in line, Cast Members have been known to let you ride over and over to your hearts content.Why?The answer usually comes down to logistics and a little bit of sympathy. Most ride vehicles have to come to a complete stop and it takes quite a bit of extra time for a wheelchair user to transfer themselves. The process isn't pretty and usually involves having a family member lift them into and off of the vehicle or completely strapping down the wheelchair. Instead of stopping the ride each time a chair ...

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Fairy Gardens | How I Love Them

fairy garden with bridge

Fairy gardens make me happy. There I said it. They are silly and fun and girlish and I just love them! Lately I have had some friends have some awful things happen in their lives. I feel surrounded by sadness and I just want to share some pictures of the fairy gardens they had last year at Tagawa Gardens because well, they just make me smile. It's blizzardy and blustery here in Colorado today and we could all use a light dusting of fairy dust!For all my friends having darkness in their lives I hope for you some fairy magic comes soon.... ...

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