Top Roadtrip Apps for Moms

This month we have spent every week on the road. Like, literally, have been on a major trip every week of August. My Samsung Note 3 and I have never been so close. We’ve spent a lot of long hours together watching the pavement pass.

roadtrip apps for mom

So how did my phone save me from certain death by boredom while on these fabulously scenic roads? Read on for some roadtrip apps for moms that will make your phone your next BFF.

Top Roadtrip Apps for Moms

instagram app iconInstagram. I mean what’s more fun than sharing boring pictures of the road, right? Well, maybe sharing all those quirky little road stops would be. Probably Definitely more fun is seeing what all your friends are up. Instagram is the ADHD’s  busy moms Facebook. Your kids are on Instagram taking a million pictures of themselves making duck faces. Go look. Nothing is more fun that looking at ten million selfies of your adorable kids. Make sure to like all their pictures. They really appreciate that. Especially the teens.


candy crush app iconCandy Crush. It’s addicting. It’s annoying. It’s a puzzle game with a social twist that let’s you endlessly beg your friends on Facebook for extra lives and new levels. The good news is that unless you are willing to pay it cuts you off after 5 lives thus providing a built in addict filter. I may have paid a few times on this last trip. Don’t judge. I’m on level 169 people.


yelp app iconYelp. I just recently made Yelp Elite. Oh, yes, I think people care about my opinion that much. But really, when you are staring down the only place to stop for 200 miles (I’m looking at you Kearney, Omaha) you NEED to know where to stop. Food poisoning or people dressed in Jason masks could be anywhere in these towns. Yelp will help you avoid the pitfalls. Just keep in mind that most reviews are written by locals. They may not know a Gyro isn’t supposed to be served with cheddar cheese and sour cream. Just saying.

magisto app iconMagisto. This magic movie making app takes all your gallery photos and videos and prepares them into magical little videos for you to share with graphics and music. Put all that road time to work and post them ALL on Facebook. People will love them even more than the duck face selfies and photo of your whole family in front of a giant ball of twine on Instagram.


NFL Mobile App from Verizonnfl mobile app icon. This mama loves her some football. Thank goodness the app kept me up to date this month on all the preseason happenings. Without it I may not know who has concussions, who’s benched for bad behavior and who just plain out is in for a sucky season. With this app on Verizon you can watch live games from anywhere. My nephew beat me by 1/10 of a point in last years Fantasy League. Not happening again buddy. You may be 12 but I show no mercy. #GameOn

pandora app iconPandora. I am just going to get this out of the way. Pandora is a data hog. We had to change our plan twice on the road due to our Pandora use. Thankfully we get those little notifications from Verizon. But if I had to listen to one more country song available on the FM stations in the midwest I would have cut someone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country music but hours and hours of Florida Georgia Line and Hey, Bartender (Lady Antebellum) gets really old. Maybe we should have just invested in XM but I just don’t feel the need when this many roadtrips are not our norm.

I feel the need to state the obvious here…don’t use these apps while actually operating a motor vehicle. I wasn’t driving and Instagramming. My husband doesn’t let me drive on roadtrips….something about wanting to not have a heart attack, blah, blah, blah.

You can find the above apps in either your Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Windows (not all may be available in Windows).

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Verizon #VZWBuzz social media team. While Verizon compensates me to be a part of the team, anything I choose to mention is my opinion and choice. 



DIY Black and White Decorating Ideas

My mother in law is really creative. There is just no competing with her. I mean, we all remember the burger bite cookies right? Her real talent is in decorating though. She can take things she finds in the alley and whip them into a treasure in minutes. I am always talking to my friends about her great ideas so this past month I had the chance to snap some pictures of her super creative, mostly inexpensive ways to dress things up. Now, I have NO idea how she does most of this stuff but she is getting into social media so the good news is that if you have any questions at all about the how-to’s below you can leave a comment and she can try to help you out. You can, also, follow her on Pinterest. Today’s theme is all black and white decorating ideas but you will love future posts and pictures on bathrooms and chandeliers so stay tuned.

Black and White Decorating Ideas

Black and white diamond wallpaper makes a big impact in the front entry.

Black and white diamond wall paper makes a dramatic entrance

Painted black and white dresser adds storage and a place to set things in the front entry.

Black and white painted dresser adds storage to the front entry.

Black and white photo collage make this wall a perfect place to show off family.

decorate a plain wall with black and white family photos

Faux antique frames painted white and mounted on a black wall.

Inexpensive "antique" frames painted white on a black wall.

Large chair is just the right piece for this room. You can see the above frames in the reflection.

black and white sitting room decor ideas

Why have a boring backyard?? This black and white theme extends to the patio.

Black and white patio theme with chandelier

Beautiful lace dress of my sister in laws plays perfectly in the dressing room.

Dressing room ideas

So easy and cute to sit on a chair or bench don’t you think?

black and white umbrella decor

That last picture was snapped by a good family friend. You want to follow another super cool chick on Pinterest that posts original things? Pixie is your girl! 

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black and white decorating ideas


Nokia 2520: A Back to School Must Have

This past May I spent a few days immersed in tech at the #VZWBUZZ San Francisco event. I received so many new items that I am in love with. But one of those was taken away from me immediately upon unpacking. Connor took one look at my new Nokia 2520 tablet and I haven’t seen it since. Well, I do see it but never out of his hands. I see it when he is getting ready for his upcoming college classes by studying chemistry, or when he is watching Netflix, or even when he is blasting Pandora. But have I played with it since those few blissful days in San Fran? Nope. And I am not going to. After a summer of declaring the Nokia 2520 his, he is taking it to college instead of his laptop.

So, obviously I had some questions. Can a tablet really perform the duties of a laptop or desktop for a college student? Is it possible that a tablet could actually replace his laptop? Turns out the answer seems to be a resounding YES, YES IT CAN. This little beauty with a 10.1″ HD display combined with the Nokia Power Keyboard is ready for work or play. With the simple swipe command feature its extremely easy navigate between apps making an easy switch from Doodle Jump to looking like you are actually studying.

nokia 2520

Running Windows 8.1 with a SnapDragon processor, the 2520 is the perfect choice to run Microsoft Office apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, and OneDrive storage for documents and notes. All of which came on the tablet and most of which are essential to the college or high school student. Even though the tablet has a shocking 32 GB of built in storage, I encouraged him to move all his major high school papers to the cloud so that they may be “reworked and re-purposed” in some of his core classes.

The 6.7 MP camera will be perfect for taking video during lectures. Wait, is that actually allowed? You know, in case he is a bit tired to actually take notes. I have no idea why he would be so tired though since I am sure he will be in bed by 8 pm every school night. Right?

I can’t say enough about the power keyboard and case. Its a great, comfortable, sleek design that protects the 2520 while looking very professional. You can actually take this and shake the tablet in it and it won’t come loose. The case has two additional USB ports and acts as a back up power source recharging the tablet connecting through a port and not using Bluetooth which means it is safe for him to use on all those flights home when he misses his mom. The case also makes a great stand for watching movies.

nokia 2520 power case

Tablet won’t fall out even when turned upside down.

Speaking of movies…the 2520 makes a great entertainment device for those few minutes each day when he won’t be studying. The HD display works wonderfully with Netflix and Hulu and even Skype so he can call me up and see my beautiful face when he is homesick. OK, more realistically so Carter can send him videos of the dogs and cats and Bob can send him YouTube videos of Ed Bassmaster farting. Hey, a mom can dream, right?

Disclosure: As a member of the #VZWBuzz team I am provided with products and compensation by Verizon Wireless for my honest feedback and reviews.


$150 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

With my oldest starting college I am feeling this big time this year for sure. Summer is coming to an end and the kids will be starting another school year… Whether you homeschool or go the traditional route, expenses can rack up and cause a lot of financial stress. So, I have decided to team up with some amazing bloggers and host an awesome giveaway similar to the Regal Gift Card Giveaway I just did! I mean seriously, what better way to kick off the new school year than to have a back to school $150 Walmart gift card giveaway?!


The 411 on the Back to School $150 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway


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ONE – $150 Walmart Gift Card.


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Regal Giftcard Giveaway: Want $100 To Go To The Movies?

It’s getting hot (even in Denver) so my friends and I came up with a fun little Regal giftcard giveaway to give one lucky reader $100 gift card to Regal Entertainment Group. Just a fun little something to help brighten up your summer and help you beat the heat. Good luck!

regal entertainment gift card


The 411 on the $100 Regal Giftcard Giveaway


You, of course!

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ONE – $100 Regal Entertainment Gift Card.


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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