Celebrity Solstice Wheelchair Accessibility: Alaskan Cruise

alaksa cruise

This past month my family of 6 took off for the Alaskan wilderness....OK, maybe a cruise ship buffet doesn't necessarily qualify as wilderness but let's face it, there are some similarities. My family has some mobility challenges as one of my teens is a full time wheelchair user and on this cruise, my mother in law used a rented scooter. As always, before any cruise I did a lot of research prior finding out about wheelchair access on Alaskan cruise ships and how we could make this the most successful trip for everyone possible. Here is what I learned in hopes it helps someone else have as fabulous a trip as we did. If you would like a more general information make sure and read Celebrity Solstice Alaskan Cruise Review. CELEBRITY SOLSTICE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY ON ALASKAN CRUISE:Landing in SeaTac is very easy. You can reserve a wheelchair accessible taxi that will fit 4 people (including chair user seated in chair) and 4-5 pieces of luggage through Yellow Cab or simply go to the taxi stand upon arrival and they will get you one. The ride to our hotel was roughly $50. Highly recommend the Hampton Inn in Seattle for an accessible solution for pre and post cruise stay. They ...

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Bug Off – Extra Tough

keep the creepy crawlies off naturally.

Mosquito's love me. Really. Really love me. The feeling isn't mutual. Bites for me swell to almost quarter sized. So last summer I went looking for something that would help keep the creepy crawlers off of my skin. I found a great bug recipe that I have shared many times and you all have loved it as well so I hear.Fast forward to a trip we are taking this summer to Alaska--where the state bird is the mosquito. I can't risk letting them near me and while the old recipe works great for me at home I am Alaska sizing it this time just in case. Here is what I came up with:What You Will Need for Bug Off:8 oz glass bottle (affiliate link). I like the trigger spray kind for this. Hint: do not store the plastic trigger spray in the bottle to reduce the time plastic is exposed to oil. 10 drops Peppermint Oil (get Young Living at a Discount) 10 drops Thieves Oil 10 drops Citronella Oil (you can use Lemongrass in a pinch) 10 drops Purification Oil 5 drops Rosemary Oil 4 oz Organic Witch Hazel (affiliate link)Directions to Make Bug Off: Add 4 oz of organic witch hazel to spray bottle. Add each of the 5 essential oils. Fill remainder of bottle with distilled ...

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How To Take Pinteresting Photos

pinterest photo tips

I'm often asked (and very flattered) when people ask me what equipment I am using to take my DIY shots. The truth is, I don't use anything fancy at all. Just some simple techniques I have learned throughout the years and my trusty Samsung Note 3 phone. Yup, that's right...I don't even own a "real" camera. Here are some Pinterest photo tips to get you started. Pinterest Photo Tip #1: Know Your Home Which windows get the most natural light? At what time of day. I have two places I take shots, in my living room on the floor in the afternoon under a wall of windows or in the kitchen next to the sink window in the morning. Anywhere else casts too many shadows or won't let me see the details on things like oil bottle labels. To test it, take some small objects like oil bottles or even green army men and shoot around your house. You will start to see how the shadows play at different times in natural light. Don't be afraid to get down on the floor...as you will see shortly, no one will ever know. Pinterest Photo Tip #2: It's All About the Props I am constantly on the lookout for Pinteresting Props. I stalk the Target $1 spot which is full of great things like Chevron contact paper, ...

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DIY Mothers Day Spa Basket Recipes with Essential Oils

DIY Mothers Day Spa Basket Recipes

This Mother's Day why not get a little bit crafty and make a DIY Mothers Day Spa Basket with essential oils? We have lots of creative ideas to get you started and even printable labels to make the project a little easier. DIY Mothers Day Spa BasketYou can use any of the spa recipes above but I have some favorites that I make and highly recommend. DIY Linen SprayThis DIY Linen Spray recipe can be found here: Essential Oil Sleep Spray DIY Bath SaltsFind the easy tutorial here: How to Make Essential Oil Bath Salts DIY Body ButterDirections to make your own body butter (hint: you can change it to any oil) DIY Sugar ScrubLOVE this Peppermint Sugar Scrub recipe from Sarah at MooseandTater.com DIY Mothers Day Spa Basket Printable Labels No matter which recipes you try these labels will come in handy. They were made by Lori at Oil Revolution Designs. If you are a Young Living Distributor I cannot recommend her site and services more highly. She is the design genius behind many of the graphics you see me post on Crafty Side of Essential Oils. You want to print these on 2x2 Avery Labels (Amazon Affiliate link)Purchase Young ...

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Essential Oil Sleep Spray

One of my favorite essential oil uses is sleep spray. This one uses lavender oil and sandalwood oil for an awesome nighttime scent.

A friend of mine just had surgery and I wanted to bring her a relaxing gift. This essential oil sleep spray was the perfect thing. An easy bottle to mix up that creates a big impact~ immediately relaxing and luxurious. Mix up a bottle for yourself and a friend to spray on your linens at night. It's a great way to extend the punch of your Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.Essential Oil Sleep Spray Supplies2 oz glass spray bottle (affiliate link to Amazon but I know they have them at Sprouts) distilled water (or filtered water with a splash of unflavored vodka) 10 drops lavender 5 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (buy Young Living at 24% discount)Essential Oil Sleep Spray DirectionsRemove the label from the bottle (use a couple drops of Young Living Lemon to get it off if you need to) Fill bottle to the neck with the distilled water (or filtered water with a splash of unflavored vodka to make it more sterile) Add drops of oil. Seal, test spray (add a few more drops if you want it stronger), decorate bottle and enjoy.It's that easy. Hope you enjoy it! ...

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