Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Ah, its the first day of Fall. The leaves are turning, the air is crisper and the crockpots are on in Denver. Since last week I posted about how to make essential oil bath salts, I thought I would flip the tables today and make a sweeter sugar scrub that my fellow Lemon Dropper friends came up with. Wide mouth mason jars make the perfect container for this. Dress it up a bit and you have another perfect and fairly inexpensive gift for teachers or friends for the holidays!

How to Make Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

cinnamon vanilla sugar scrub

Need to order oils to make the scrub? That is easy as making the recipe!

How to Order Essential Oils:

Read this post on how to get a Young Living discount.


How To Help Your Kid Transition in College

It’s been just about a month since most college kids have headed off. And its just about the time for them to start missing home, if they haven’t already. I’m finding while the first month is hardest on the family left at home, the second is hardest on the one who left. What can you do to support your kid away from home? Here are some strategies my friends and I are finding successful.

How To Help Your Kid Transition in College

1. Send them an amazing memory. This summer my son got into hiking and had several gorgeous photos he took of 14’ers. I teamed up with Picture It On Canvas to turn one of those photos of Grey’s Peak into an amazing canvas art piece for his dorm room, earning me a “Mom, it’s AMAZING. Thank you so much” text. Any mom of an 18 year old knows, that is huge!

dorm room art

Not sure what to have put on canvas for your kiddo? Spend some time looking through his or her Instagram account. I love that they can import a picture directly from Instagram! I chose to have this mounted  thin-bar on a 16*24 canvas. It is the perfect size for over most dorm style desks. The thin bar makes it light enough to hang with Command poster hanging strips which I left there on move in day.  It totally makes that ugly brick wall disappear and brings back happy memories. Seriously, didn’t they do such a good job? Picture It On Canvas was so easy to work with and I highly recommend them.

2. Text often. Annoyingly so. I know it seems counter intuitive and chances are they won’t answer 75% of them but they read them. After the first week or so they stop being annoyed and it’s just like when they were home and you interjected thoughts all day long into their lives. Don’t make your texts sappy or sad. Just everyday things that are happening. Keep them connected to what’s happening at home. Our family plays Fantasy Football together (he can stream the Broncos over Verizon’s NFL app for free but you do want to up your data plan before they leave) . So we send “trash talk” texts all week to the cousins and all. It’s silly but its a reminder that they are still a part of the family. Showing them that you are fine also gives them permission to be OK too.

3. Care packages. Get creative and aim for at least one a week. I have heard of some kids getting 3-4 a day. That seems like overkill to me but that is OK, you do you. I’ll do once a week. Some favorite items my son and friends of ours are receiving/sending are gum, gatorade, chips, popcorn, cool duct tape, colored sharpies, case of toilet paper, and chocolate. Too busy or lazy to pack all this on your own (cause I totally am)? Amazon Prime Pantry is the biggest winner among my friends. For $4.99 you can ship up to 40 lbs of pantry staples. These love getting giant boxes. Hint: sunflower seeds make great filler items. Need even more ideas? I love this post on creative care packages or search “care package ideas” on Pinterest. Grandparents are great for helping you get this done. Ask them for help. Everyone involved will be happy.

4. Play games. Similar to Fantasy Football and the texts above, the boys have been using XBOX Live to keep in touch. At least once a week they have had a Madden showdown. It requires that they both have the same game DVD  in their XBOX and a good w-ifi connection (this has been an issue on the college wi-fi and we will probably have to look into getting him a Verizon Jetpack). But it’s just like they are back playing in the living room together. If you have younger siblings at home, it may be worth sending the older one off with an XBOX as well. In our case, we have one in every room anyway since we use them to stream Netlflix and all that good stuff so sparing one wasn’t a big deal.

5. Most importantly. Just listen. When they call, resist the urge to give advice about everything or be judgmental about what they are doing. They have a lot to say and need someone to share it with. Talking helps them process it all. This is their time to figure things out on their own. Telling them what to do is the surest way to shut down communication. Trust me, I have a bloody tongue to prove this isn’t easy but it’s so worth it. I love hearing stories of what is going on and who is doing what.

Disclosure: Picture It On Canvas was lovely to work with and I thank them for providing the beautiful canvas photo free of charge. I am member of the Verizon social media team #VZWBuzz so I am lucky enough to be compensated for my time working with them. 


How To Make Essential Oil Bath Salts

Hooked on essential oils? Wondering what to do with all those empty bottles? Easy! Make essential oil bath salts. This has to be the easiest DIY project on the planet.

make essential oil bath salts

3 Steps to Make Essential Oil Bath Salts

1. Fill 12 ounce wide mouth Ball Mason Jar with epsom salt. You can buy epsom salt in just about any drug or grocery store. I purchased a 4 lb bag at Target for around $4. You don’t have to use a wide mouth ball mason jar but use something glass that closes tight. I like the wide mouth mason jars cause they are super easy to decorate. This would make a great gift.

2. Use any empty Young Living essential oil bottle you would like. Do not clean it out. It’s best if it has a few drops left in it. The one I really like to use for bath salts is Panaway. It makes a relaxing soak that helps relieve my sore muscles. Take off the lid and the remove the inner plastic stopper.

3. Place oil jar inside the mason jar of salts. Close up the mason jar tightly. Let it sit 24 hours. The salt will draw the remaining essential oils out of the jar. Gentle shake it up to the move the bottle around every now and then.

That’s it! After 24 hours you have an amazing essential oil bath salt to enjoy. Make sure to take out the oil bottle and recycle it. I recommend using about 1/2 the jar for a large bath tub or pouring a little into a pedicure basin after a long day and soaking your tootsies. Happy relaxing! 

Love DIY projects using Essential Oils? Check out this Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub too!

Need to buy new oils? I can help you get a Young Living discount here



Broncos Cocktail Recipe & $300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

It’s football season! YAY. My favorite time of year. To get you prepared I have a couple of AWESOME tools to help you throw the best football parties of the season. First off, a very cool Orange and Blue Broncos Cocktail Recipe….if you are another orange and blue team fan, do me a favor and don’t tell me you are using this!

Broncos Colors Cocktail Recipe

denver broncos cocktail recipe

You can find the Broncos Cocktail Recipe here. I made it up last year before the Superbowl.

Football Ideas on Pinterest

Need more Football ideas? I have two ways for you to find them. Check out my Pinterest Football Food board.

Football Food on Pinterest

More Football Party Posts

Make sure to read all the football posts that my friends have written. Seriously….I have majorly talented friends. With all our ideas you will ROCK this NFL season.


Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

and FINALLY, to MAKE SURE one of you has an awesome season my friends and I are sponsoring a $300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. amazon gift card giveaway Good LUCK!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

COMMENT QUESTION: Who is your favorite team? Can be NFL, College or Pee Wee…

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iPad Giveaway | Enter to Win a 32 GB iPad Mini

ipad giveawayWe’ve been talking a lot about back to school on the Mom Off Track blog these past two weeks so I thought I would give you all a chance to enter an iPad Giveaway. What is a better back to school item than an 32 GB iPad Mini? Honestly, I wouldn’t give this one to the kids. I would keep it for all those long hours in the carpool lane….but that is just me!


The 411 on the 32 GB iPad mini Giveaway


You, of course!

Note: giveaway is open to the Continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska. Ages 18+.


ONE – 32 GB iPad mini


Giveaway will be open from September 2, 2014 – September 30, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random on or about October 6, 2014. If winner does not respond within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Please read more about giveaway terms here.


To have a chance to win the 32 GB iPad mini – all you are required to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use the ipad mini for if you won!! The rest is up to fate! ;)

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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