Mickey Mouse Hands With Finger Lights

These Mickey Mouse light up hands with finger lights are so easy to make. Perfect for Disney parties and Fish Extender gifts.

I am getting ready for an upcoming cruise on the Disney Fantasy. We are going to participate in a cool gift exchange program called Fish Extenders. The program is called a Fish Extender because each room on a Disney Cruise ship has a fish decoration outside the door. Someone decided it would make a great place to hang a bag and "secret Santa" type gift people. The idea caught on and Fish Extenders are now a Disney Cruise cult phenomena. People spend a lot of time, money and effort participating in the Fish Extender on their cruise and you can find adorable Fish Extender gift ideas all over Pinterest. I've been working hard on our entries into this fun game and I came up with these super cool Mickey Mouse hands with finger lights. This is how I made them.  Materials Needed: The following list and directions contains affiliate links.Cricut Machine Mickey Mouse hand graphic to import into your Cricut Design Space app Tombow Liquid Glue Zots large glue dots Black 12*12 light cardstock (so you can cut out 4 at a time) White 12*12 light cardstock Finger lights (you need 4 per person)Step 1: Open up your Cricut Design Space app and create a two ...

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Cooking With Essential Oils

cooking with essential oils

Cooking with Essential Oils has gotten even friendlier now with Young Livings Vitality Line (which you get some with the Premium Starter Kit sale I have going on). All of the oils in this line are labeled as safe for internal use. So there is no reason at all to not get started kicking up your meals with these little bottles of goodness. Remember, when cooking with oils, a little goes a long way! For some of these you won't even need a full drop. Dip a toothpick in the bottle and swirl it in the recipe. Talk about saving money!!! Here are some of my favorite recipes to get you started. CHIMICHURRI: Sauce for SteakGUACAMOLE: Dip for ChipsKALE SALAD with LemonRAINDROP SALAD DRESSINGSAVORY SAUSAGEBEET SALAD This summer beet salad is one of my all time favorite recipes. Click the link or the picture to get the recipe, directions and a cool tip to keep the red off your hands while handling beets.  ...

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Check Out The Young Living Convention New Products 2016

Young Living Convention Live Your Passion Kit Unboxing YouTube

Want to see all 16 of the new products released at the Young Living Convention this June? Here they are in the Live Your Passion Convention kit. Come unbox it with me!The New Young Living Convention New Products 2016 Are: If you would like to buy ANY of these products the best way is to become a Young Living Wholesale Member and get 24% off.Live Your Passion™ 5ml- Love, love, love this oil! Live Your Passion™ essential oil blend was created specifically for the 2016 International Grand Convention to evoke feelings of empowerment, clarity, and inspiration. It combines Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood, Orange, Nutmeg, Lime, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Peppermint essential oils to help you pursue life with greater purpose and attention on the endeavors that matter most. AgilEase™- Especially beneficial for athletes, as well as middle-aged and elderly people who may experience a natural, acute inflammation response in their joints after exercise, AgilEase™ is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for healthy individuals who are looking to gain greater mobility and flexibility through the reduction of inflammation. ...

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How Busy Moms Use TILE

verizon tile

A few weeks ago Verizon sent me two bluetooth tracking accessories called TILE to test out around the house. When I heard that I could attach one to my keys and never lose them again I was hooked. Until that point I literally would spend at least 20 minutes a day looking for them. Which made me start to wonder: how could busy moms use TILE to help reclaim their day and some of their sanity? I got the TILE out and attached it easily to my keychain and then installed the TILE app on phone. In a few clicks the app recognized my TILE and I was good to go. But I realized something cool. Not only could my phone find my keys, my keys could find my phone. TOO COOL. What to do with the other one? Easy. I gave it to my husband who set his up the same way and then we "shared" TILES. Now I could find his keys and vice versa. This was getting fun. So I headed to Verizon and bought a 4 pack for $69.99. I Tiled ALL THE THINGS. My purse, kids keys and so on, my car.What? Your car? I can hear you thinking. Yup. Because if I ever am at the mall and can't find my car (don't laugh, I have a *friend* who does this all the time).  I can open the app on my phone and follow the map to my car. Now ...

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Why I Love Young Living Essential Oils

Are you thinking about joining the oil revolution? This is why I love Young Living

About two years ago my younger son and I were at his hippotherapy (horse back riding) and we were being bitten alive by mosquitoes which I happen to be allergic to. I tried every product at the store to relieve my discomfort from these gigantic welts and out of desperation posted a picture of them on Facebook and asked my friends for help. There were lots of suggestions but my friend Tami had just been getting started with Young Living oils and she sent me a bottle of (can't tell you or the FDA will make me take this post down). Within 24 hours of using it my welts were gone. I was amazed. I started doing some research and found out that there were several things I wanted to try oils for. I bought my first Premium Starter Kit and started making little DIY recipes. After posting my oily diy recipes here y'all wanted to buy oils too and so I asked Tami how you do that. She showed me how to sign people up and I made the decision that since I loved you all so much I would split my commission on every sale with you (I make $50 a signup) and that is why I have ALWAYS offered the $25 off a Young Living Premium Starter kit here on the blog.  I figured it was like any other affiliate link I ...

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