Beyond The Comforter: Ideas To Furnish Your Kid’s College Dorm Room

Great list of must have college dorm room items. Do you have them all?

Sending your kid off to college this Fall? It's a scary and exciting time for all. Shopping online (especially using your Amazon Prime membership) for their college dorm room supplies can be a real life safer both now and once they start school.Before we get started make sure that you have renewed you Amazon Prime membership. Not only will you get free, 2 day shipping on thousands of items, but you get unlimited Photo Storage (really useful for your student to backup their photos with through an app on their phone), Prime Instant Video (free movies for them to stream in their downtime), Kindle owners lending library and Prime Music. This membership is so useful it needs to be on everyone's college shopping list. HINT: Students get a free 6 month trial and 50% off their Prime membership.We are going beyond the comforter, sheets and towels in this list. For those things I would suggest Gordmans (click here for 20% off coupon), Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or Costco for towels and bath mats specifically.*Disclosure: Almost all links in this post are affiliate links.  College Dorm Room Must Haves: The little things that are often overlookedCommand Hooks and ...

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Listen To Your Gut

I am an awesome parent graphic

It's been a while now since I have written any advice for special needs moms. A lot of that is because my boys are both more than old enough to read and process the things I write and I am sensitive to how they perceive things. But the one thing I know for sure (in the words of Oprah) is that a special needs mom (or ANY parent) HAS to follow their gut. Its the one thing that you were given that is more valuable than any doctor has or any medical book could ever teach.I learned when my youngest (born with spina bifida) was just 4 months old that doctors didn't know everything about him that I did. He needed a shunt (a device that drains extra fluid off the brain) surgery and they kept saying no. They were experimenting, seeing how far they could push the limits. I knew what he needed in my gut and one day that I will never forget I packed him up and demanded they admit him for the surgery. Everyone thought I was nuts. Turns out my little guy who could never open his hands came out of surgery with them open. Right there I got my power and knew if I did nothing else in all of this mess I knew I had to follow my gut.In his almost 17 years there have been thousands of times when ...

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Simple DIY Citrus Soap

DIY Citrus Soap FB

I love soap. I have a real thing for pretty, beautiful smelling bars of soap. I also hate lye and stay as far away from it as I can. If you are the same way, you will LOVE this DIY Citrus Soap recipe. It's so easy that a monkey with microwave could do it!DIY Citrus Soap Prep: Here are some things you should do a few days before planning to make (Amazon Affiliate Links below)Order Goats Milk Base in cubes Order silicone soap mold (look around for cute shapes if you want) Grate 1/2 cup citrus peel. I used lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon. I found that zesting did not give me big enough chunks to make the soap look pretty. Leave on a cookie tray lined with parchment to air dry for 1-2 days.DIY Citrus Soap Ingredients:14 cubes of Goats Milk Base (link above) 5 drops of Citrus Fresh Essential Oil (you can buy Young Living oils here) 1/2 cup dried, grated citrus peelsDIY Citrus Soap Directions:Place cubes in glass bowl. I use a Pyrex measuring bowl. Melt in microwave for 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Once fully melted, stir in grated citrus peels and add 5 drops (do more or less depending on how strong you want it-5 gives it a light ...

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4th of July Jello Shots With Ningxia Red and Gordmans Coupon

ningxia red jello shots

It's almost the 4th of July and I was looking for a fun way to present a treat on the dessert table that I could feel good about! Enter this Ningxia Red play on the 4th of July Jello Shot. This powerful Wolfberry (or more commonly known as Goji) blend is a staple at our house. What is it? NingXia Red® combines the extraordinary wolfberry superfruit with pure Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils, along with blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices to deliver a whole-body nutrient infusion. This powerful formula includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health-supporting benefits, while ongoing research continues to reveal exciting new properties on this ingredient. Enjoy NingXia Red daily to energize, fortify, and revitalize the body and support overall health and wellness, from head to toe. - With all that power and yumminess it just makes sense to make a part of our picnics. Here's how!4th of July Jello Shots With Ningxia Red What You Need:1/4 cup juice (I used Bai 5 Pomegranate for the red color) 1 and 1/4 small packet of unflavored gelatin 5 drops Orange Essential Oil 1 packet of Ningxia Red (equals 1/4 cup) 1 tbsp ...

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Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes For Summer

essential oil diffuser recipes for summer - stress away and peppermint

Looking for some fresh essential oil diffuser recipes for summer? Look no further than these three. I've got you covered! How about some Summer Magic? Try 8 drops of Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil and 4 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil in a home or dewdrop diffuser. Get both at a big discount in the new Young Living Premium Starter Kit on sale now with a $25 off coupon.Bring the Stars Inside with this Essential Oil Recipe for Summer: This is one of my favorite blends for a summer night. Use 8 drops Lavender essential oil and 4 drops Copaiba essential oil in a home or dewdrop diffuser. Increase or decrease amounts if using another diffuser as necessary.Bring the Sunshine Inside Diffuser Recipe This clear and crisp combination smells like all things summer to me. Add equal amounts of Sage and Citrus Fresh to the water in your diffuser to enjoy this essential oil diffuser recipe for summer! This is amazing in the Aria Diffuser (my fave!) which you can actually get in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit now (link with coupon above)---WOW.   ...

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