Proud Owner of An Ugly New Car

I know, you are all tired of me writing about the great car hunt. But it is over and I don’t want to leave you hanging….Not exactly a thing of beauty in my eyes. It is one of those car styles that you either love or hate. I happen to not be super crazy about the boxy style but I am super crazy about how well this fits a wheelchair user with little to no modifications. We will be installing a flip down transfer seat like this just to make it as safe as possible. We don’t have a cost yet on the transfer board but I am pretty confident it will fit in the $1200 budget Ford gives for after market mobility aids.

Available from In CO ADAPTIVE AUTOMOBILITY can install

I was completely in love with the Buick Enclave but after talking with after market mobility specialists found that it would be impossible to convert to a drop out, swivel seat which Carter would need due to seat height.  One person thought they might be able to but it would be more than the typical $8,000 cost to modify a seat to turn and come out of the car.The Flex seating is 6 inches lower than the Buick. It doesn’t sound like much to non wheelchair users but when you are transferring you really want to not have any height difference. There is only an 1 1/2 inch difference from his wheelchair.What the Flex lacks in outer beauty, it more than makes up for inside.

Not exactly roughing it

I am really liking the Ford My Touch Navigation with Sync. It is similar to the Yukon we already own On-Star system. There are things I like about both. I think On Star makes me feel safer with the installed satellite phone but the My Touch has some pretty nifty features, like the ability to recognize up to 5 phones through Bluetooth and sync them all with the car.I think I will miss driving my Yukon but it is still in the family here with a teenage driver about to hit the roads (dear lord help us all) and I do wish that the Enclave would have worked because it really is a sexy beast of a car. But this car is all about making life easier and safer for Carter and the Flex does that in amazing comfort at a great price.If you are in CO and looking for a car, both MedVed in Castle Rock and Groove on Arapahoe were extremely helpful to us. GM was more than generous in offering us special pricing but ultimately the Flex and Groove won out because they were just better fits for us personally. I would recommend dealing with Keith or Kyle at MedVed and Jon at Groove.I am grateful this is done. I did a ton of research online to make this decision and talked to lots of owners which is why I want to share our choice.  I have never found anyone that actually owns one that doesn’t love either the Flex, the Traverse, or the Enclave. A lot of people in the disability community are looking more to the Flex for good reason. It is a good option for people that have the ability to level transfer. It has huge doors and low seats but doesn’t have that ‘adapted’ feel.

If you would like to look at other car reviews I have done you can check out what I think of wheelchair accessibility of the Chevy Traverse and the Nissan Armada for a wheelchair user.


  1. llen says

    Sounds like a great fit for your needs & your family. Its a great looking car, I would be happy to have one- I think it is cute!

    • says

      I am happy about it and I don’t mean to not sound so grateful that we were able to get this but it just is one of those cars I keep thinking a team of hamsters is going to crawl out of 🙂

  2. Christie says

    Hi I just came across this– how is it working out- would love more info in the seat. Do you know how far from the ground the flex seat is when at its lowest setting (without adaptation)? Thanks for sharing!!

    • barb says

      My son loves this car. It has given him a ton of independence in transferring. I, on the other hand, am not such a fan. We have had to have the brakes completely replaced twice now. The car has 20,000 miles on it! I can’t trust it to drive into the Rocky Mountains given the problems with the brakes heating up and since we live in Denver that is sort of a problem for me.

      I don’t have the specs but sure the Ford site does.

      I am REALLY loving this car I see it at Children’s all the time. When we can afford it I think I will look into trading the Flex in.

  3. Lisa says

    What modifications did you have done? I’m a disabled person and I love this style of car but I’m not sure if I can get it modified to work how I ne d it. Was the only thing you added was a transfer seat item was there other things. Thanks!

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