Ain’t Nothing Funny About Losing Your Nuts-Except This Squirrel Joke

Sometimes you just have that one friend who finds a squirrel joke funny. I oddly have many. To them I give my 1 am ambien induced art creation. You know who you are.

even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while

If you have no idea who this is for or why a squirrel joke may be funny, it’s OK. Go ahead and pin and tweet it anyway using those buttons on the side. Your friends will thank you for it.

Oh, and then follow me on Pinterest. If you are the type of person who pins pictures of a blind squirrel searching for his nuts, I totally want to be your friend.



  1. says

    My grandmother had a birdhouse on a pole in her back yard. The squirrels loved it–often leaving nothing for the birds. So she got the idea to coat the pole with Vaseline so the squirrels couldn’t get to the top. She loved sitting on her porch and watching them shimmy part way up only to slide back down, over and over again. Sort of like this:

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